Estágio em Relações Internacionais – CIDE – Brasília, DF


Sobre a empresa: CIDE is one of Mexico’s most important centers of teaching and research in the social sciences. Recognized both nationally and internationally, CIDE has been a non-profit public institution since its establishment in Mexico City in 1974. Part of the network of highly specialized public centers for research and higher education coordinated by the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), CIDE is fully committed to contributing to the development of Mexico through its demanding academic programs; rigorous, relevant research; and links to the public, private, social, and academic sectors. Intellectual independence and rigor, respect for plurality, a sense of equity, and a constant effort to balance a scientific approach to research with social relevance are behind CIDE’s successful search for excellence. As a public institute of higher education, CIDE provides international caliber training in the social sciences to students of diverse geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Its graduates are highly-skilled, responsible, analytical professionals capable of assuming leadership positions in the public, private, and social sectors and of undertaking advanced studies at the world’s leading universities. As a research center with active links to decision makers, CIDE produces creative, methodologically sound, interdisciplinary research designed both to advance scientific knowledge and improve decision making. Both as a teaching and a research center, CIDE is a central point of reference in national academic debate and a key actor in efforts to improve public policy.

Funções: Estágio em Relações Internacionais. Irá atuar com suporte nas atividades do setor específico, inerente a área de formação com supervisão técnica.

Benefícios: Vale Transporte.

Formação Acadêmica: Superior cursando em Relações Internacionais.

Experiência: Conhecimento em informática.

Salário: R$997,76.

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