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  • Closure Date22/Dec/2020, 8:59:00 PM;
  • Organizational Unit: FLBRA;
  • Job Type: Non-staff opportunities;
  • Type of Requisition: PSA (Personal Services Agreement);
  • Primary Location: Brazil, Brasilia;
  • Duration: 11 months.

Technical Focus

Within the framework of FAO Brazil’s Strategic Objectives, the recruited consultant will work to support the development of advocacy strategies for all the work carried out by the country office in collaboration with the local Government and FAO Regional Office in Chile.

Tasks and responsibilities

The consultant will work under direct supervision of the FAO Representation in Brazil, being watchful of the relevant regional initiatives and collaborating with the technical units of RLC and FAO-Rome carrying on the following:

1.   Assist in the execution of activities, strategies and projects for the FAO Brazil Communication Office regarding the media diffusion of the work carried out in the office, in collaboration with the various sectors of society: Government, International Organizations, sector private, civil society, NGOs and others;

2.   Collaborate in the production and review of supporting documents for the representative, whether of global, regional or local nature;

3.   Assist in the preparation of texts issued on behalf of the Representative of FAO Brazil and/or the Official Representation of FAO in Brasilia, as well as in the conveying of information from FAO RLC;

4.   Support the monitoring of the work of FAO groups in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, in order to learn from the exchange of experiences, gather information on possible new strategies and strengthen cooperation between LAC offices;

5.   Carry out frequent monitoring of FAO’s work in the region, generate small internal reports in order to allow the Representative and the Communication Officer to be constantly aware of the LAC landscape regarding the agency’s work;

6.   Support issues of the FAO international agenda in the LAC region, at the request of the Representative and other FAO units;

7.   Assist in the preparation of presentations for the FAO Representative in Brazil through information gathering, data analysis and structuring of form and content;

8.   Contribute to the writing and translation of official documents produced within the scope of FAO Brazil and / or FAO RLC. In addition, perform other activities according to need;

9. Collaborate with the execution of the ongoing TCP facility projects, in tasks such as the monitoring process and in the interlocution with FAO RLC;

10. Support in the elaboration of future TCP projects, as per requested from the FAO Brazil Assistant to the Representative;

11. Assist the FAO Brazil Assistant to the Representative with the CPF preparing procedures;

12. Liaise with the UNCT in order to support the monitoring of the Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19 Plan (SERP) implementation;

13. Assist the Assistant to the Representative in the preparation process for the elaboration of the Common Country Assessment (CCA);

14. Participate as focal point in UNCT`s Rural Population Working Group for preparing and presenting a joint project proposal on strengthening the resilience of rural populations in Brazil.


Minimum Requirements

  • Degree: University Degree in International Relations, Law, Political Science or Social Sciences;
  • At least 2 years of proven professional experience;
  • Languages: Mastery of writing, reading and oral communication of Portuguese, English and Spanish;
  • Brazilian Nationality or resident in Brazil with a regular work permit.

FAO Core Competencies

  • Results Focus;
  • Teamwork;
  • Communication;
  • Building Effective Relationships;
  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement.

Technical/Functional Skills

  • Knowledge of the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) programme called “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems” (GIAHS);
  • Knowledge about traditional agricultural systems in Brazil or in other countries;
  • Previous experiences in the thematic area of this Vacancy Announcement;
  • Knowledge of national and international institutions working for the protection, recognition or promotion of Traditional Agricultural Systems;
  • Experience in institutional programs or local initiatives aimed at the promotion and conservation of traditional agricultural systems is desirable;
  • Skills needed: refined analysis and abilities to conduct qualitative and quantitative research;
  • Competence in the formulation and monitoring of strategies and materials for the media dissemination of the work of FAO Brazil, good management of social networks and media platforms;
  • Ability to assist in the organization of events. Experience is required as an assistant and in the preparation of presentations using the Office package;
  • Behave with integrity, in line with the UN ethical values and models;
  • Promote FAO’s mission and strategic objectives;
  • Be sensitive and adaptable to diversity, respecting values and cultural differences concerning gender, religion, race, nationality and age.

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